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Solvent plastic dyestuff
Category:Solvent plastic dyestuff
Model:Solvent plastic dyestuff

Product Name: Oil-soluble fluorescent dye
Product Introduce:

一、 Brief
Oil Soluble Fluorescent Lucency Plastic-Glue Paint have high performance for plastic colorant,
there are multi color and can make different color through mixing with each other regarding
customer requires, it is necessary for plastic painting process.
二、 Mode and Performance
1、 More details see the product catalog, there are vivid, brilliantly and high heat-resistance
and light-resistance performance.
  2、 This product have good compatibility with anime, ester, styrene and methacrylic acid etc.. and
bad compatibility with water and water with ethanol and acetate.
三、 Application
1、 In injection and forming plastic process with lucency plastic painting, there are tint
  addition material 0.02%~0.04%, and fuscous addition material 0.05%~0.1%. If added ratio white
colour, you can get translucent and opaque clour.
2、 If using the fluorescent product, you can get the vivid colour. In order to protect
fluorescent disappeared, the quantity of titanic is a few as possible as.
3、 This product can mix same colour with inorganic dye, and will be cost saving for production.
4、 Scope: PS, HIPS、SAN、AS、ABS、327、PMMA、PC、CA、UPVC and part of PET、PBT etc hard glue。
5、 In process there is no problem with seepage colour between painting plastic product and water,
but not for the organic solvent. So each test should be done to confirm that met the product and
technology requires.
6、 This product should be mixed with plastic in stirrer, While mixing you can select turpentine,
esterify material and white oil and get best equable colour.
四、 Package and Delivery
1、 ackage: New package drum design with 2 layout plastic bag inside.
Normal package is 20kg/drum, 10 and 15kg/drum (Special), as well as customer requires for paper
box and iron drum.
2、 Delivery: We can do the delivery arrangement, if not far, all will be free.
Dye of oil soluble fluorescent lucency plastic-glue Introduce
Oil-soluble fluorescent dye transparent plastic product catalog

Code Name color index number CI name CI color index
LC1001 Fluorescent Yellow 8G s-Green 5 LC2027 transparent red 454 S-red 195
LC1002 Fluorescent Yellow 8GF-2 Saltdye LC2028 Fluorescent Red BK S-red 196
LC1003 Transparent Yellow 3G S-Yellow 93 LC2029 Fluorescent Red GK S-red 197
LC1004 transparent yellow HLR S-Yellow 114 LC2030 transparent red 61 S-red 207
LC1005 Solvent Yellow R S-Yellow 14 LC3001 fluorescent orange GG S-Orange63
LC1006 transparent yellow GC S-Yellow 16 LC3002 Transparent Orange 3G S-Orange60
LC1007 Solvent Yellow GG S-Yellow 2 LC3003 transparent orange 2R S-Orange 6
LC1008 transparent yellow DX S-Yellow 18 LC3004 fluorescent orange G Saltdye
LC1009 transparent yellow PS S-Yellow 33 LC3005 fluorescent orange G Saltdye
LC1010 transparent yellow GGN S-Yellow 56 LC3006-free fluorescent orange R3006
LC1011 Fluorescent Yellow 3G S-Yellow 98 LC3007 transparent orange G Saltdye
LC1012 Fluorescent Yellow 3G-2 Saltdye LC4001 transparent blue 2N S-Blue 35
LC1020 fluorescein 9GF S-Yellow 145 LC4002 Transparent Blue AP S-Blue 36
LC1021 Fluorescent Yellow 4GF S-Yellow 147 LC4003 Transparent Blue GP S-Blue 78
LC1022 Fluorescent Yellow GHS S-Yellow 163 LC4005 Transparent Blue 2B S-Blue 104
LC1024 transparent yellow FS S-Yellow 176 LC4006 Transparent Blue 2RA S-Blue 122
LC1025 Fluorescent Yellow 10G S-Yellow 185 LC4007 transparent blue ER S-Blue 79
LC2001 transparent red B S-red 25 LC4008 transparent blue RR S-Blue 97
LC2001A transparent red BB S-red 24 LC4009 transparent blue 4G S-Blue 101
LC2001B transparent red GPD S-red 26 LC5001 transparent violet B S-Violet13
LC2002 Transparent Red GS S-red 111 LC5002 transparent purpurin R S-Violet26
LC2003 Transparent Red EG S-red 135 LC5003 transparent purple RR S-Violet28
LC2004 Transparent Red HRR S-red 23 LC5004 transparent purple BN S-Violet8
LC2005 Transparent Red FB S-red 146 LC5005 transparent purple RH S-Violet11
LC2006 Fluorescent Red 5B VAT-Red 41 LC5006 Transparent Violet 3R S-Violet36
LC2007 Transparent Red TB S-red 145 LC5007 transparent violet FBL S-Violet37
LC2008 Transparent Red H5B S-red 52 LC6001 Transparent Green 5B S-Green 3
LC2010 transparent red HFG S-red 149 LC6002 Fluorescent Green 3G Saltdye
LC2011 transparent red G S-red 1 LC6003 Lake Green G Saltdye fluorescent
LC2013 Transparent Red BR S-red 3 LC6004 Transparent Green G S-Green 28
LC2014 transparent red EGG S-red 179 LC7001 plastic black BRM Saltdye
LC2015 transparent red 46 S-red 168 LC7001A plastic black A Saltdye
LC2016 transparent red 32 S-red 169 LC7002 transparent black HB S-Black 3
LC2018 transparent red HF4G S-red 150 LC8001 plastic brown BR Saltdye


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