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Solvent metal complex dyestuff
Category:Solvent metal complex dyestuff
Model:Solvent metal complex dyestuff

Product Name: Solvent metal complex dyestuff
Product Introduce:

Application        Product list >> Solubility and property >>
1, Applicable to printing ink industry:
1)Metal complex dyestuff for solvent printing ink;
2)Metal complex dyestuff for aluminum foil printing ink; 3)Metal complex dyestuff for paper or metal surface printing ink(such as screen printing);
2, Applicable to dyestuff industry:
1)Metal complex dyestuff for wood coating;
2)Metal complex dyestuff for aluminum foil dyeing(such as bronzing material);
3)Metal complex dyestuff for metal transparent dyeing(such as low temperature baking finish for indoor decoration);
4)Metal complex dyestuff for special coating;
3, Applicable to other industries:
1)Metal complex dyestuff for ballpoint pen and all kinds of stationery and ink;
2)Metal complex dyestuff for surface dyeing of plastic products(such as vacuum plating);
3)Metal complex dyestuff for natural and synthetic leather surface dyeing;
4)Metal complex dyestuff for shoe polish;
1, It has two states: powder and liquid;color concentration of liquid is about 30%.
2, Properties:
1)Excellent solubility;wide range of solvent choices;
2)Excellent compatibility with different kinds of resin;
3)Bright color;
4)Excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance;
5)High quality complex dyestuff without free heavy metal;
6)Convenient use;no powder pollution.
Packaging and transportation
1, Packaging:
1)25KG/pail or 5KG/bag(powder);packed in paper bag or paper pail
2)25KG/pail or 20KG/pail(liquid),Packed in pail bag.
2, Transportation:Do consignment for shipment for you. We can deliver goods to your door if it is near.


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